Hey everyone! Alana here. I just wanted to let you guys know what happening. First, we have three advertisers, Sweet P.T, Lehani’s Eat Local Cafe, and Seams To Last (Visit our advertisers page to learn more about them). We also have a store who ordered our product! Thanks, Getables! Also, our 12oz containers and 8oz containers came yesterday, along with 80 pounds of coarse salt, our scent stickers and labels, and hopefully our vitamin E oil will come today. I took a trip down to S.O.S. Printing and gave them the labels. Soon after, we got a sample, and they turned out great! The lime green on the scent sticker didn’t show up as well as we expected on the black top, so we put it on the bottom! Problem solved. By Monday, all the labels should be ready to stick on our containers. Yesterday I also made two batches of bubbly bath salts. I made cucumber melon, and pink grapefruit for Getables. They smell super yummy!!!!! I can’t wait until August 1st!


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