Hi guys! Yesterday we got our first sale at Getables!! Exciting! Today, we got our second sale. They bought strawberry lemonade sugar scrub today, and cucumber melon sugar scrub yesterday. Also, a lady we know named Cynthia, is having a party soon! She invited us to go, and set up a little table with samples and product. We are really excited!!! Today, Karley came over to make sugar scrub. It took a really long time. For our break, we headed down to the beach because it was really really hot today! It’s never hot in Port Townsend… So anyway, Cynthia’s party is coming up, and I am designing some post cards for people to take with them, a sign, and an email sign up list. If you want to be on our email list, just give us your email by commenting, or contacting us at info@chica-fresca.com. Thanks!!!


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