Hi everyone. We had an idea to start a new advice article: Advice from Chicas! Hope you like the first article!

After long days, don’t you just feel like going to a spa? But if you aren’t up for the fee, try taking our product home and have a mini spa there!

If you are a quick shower person, then you should try our sugar scrub, available in many scents. We recommend using candles to make the room smell good, then rub the scrub over your skin. This is really great for dry skin in places such as elbows and knees.

If you are more of a long bath person, our bubbly  bath salts are perfect for you! To get the full spa experience, try lighting good-smelling candles, dim the lights, add a little calming music, and relax. The salts will bubble and sooth your skin gently, while they smell great too!

If you aren’t sure of what scent is for you, we’re here to help! For sugar scrub, sweet and sugary kind of people would probably love mexican chocolate, and strawberry lemonade. Fruity people would like cucumber melon, and pink grapefruit. Bold people would like Coconut Lemongrass. For bubbly bath salts, the fruity scents are cucumber melon and pink grapefruit. The bold scent is coconut lemongrass. More shy scents are asian pear and lily, and sweet rain.

If you have any questions, email us at info@chica-fresca. We would love to hear from you! Have any questions about treatments you can do at home? Or anything else related with beauty products? Comment or email! Your comment or question might even make it into one of our posts! Thanks for reading.


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