Whats up, Chica Fresca fans? Well, with us there a couple of updates. First, we have decided to go to the Chimacum Fair in December!!! Yay! Secondly, how was the Film Festival everyone? This isn’t really news about us, but if you have anything to share, comment, or email us at info@chica-fresca.com and your comment might get featured in our next post! Anyway, I went to this movie called Otter 501, and it was really good!  As you can guess, it is about an otter. Not just an otter, a fuzzy baby otter! OMG, it was soooo cute! I can’t express how cute it was, except in a picture…

Anyway, this baby otter was found stranded on the beach, and was taken in to the aquarium by the main character, who then gets interested in otters and gets a job spotting otters, and taking care of them. She even gets to help otters in danger!!

Also, my brother got the movie poster.

Please check this movie out ASAP!!


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