We have an advertising opportunity, just for you! It costs only $20 a year to have your business advertised here, and our Facebook. Pretty neat-o isn’t it?

  • We will blog, blog, blog about you and your business
  • We will post on Facebook about you
  • We will display your logo
  • We will provide a custom description about your business
  • We will add a link to your website/Facebook page
  • We will add you to our blogroll

Our advertisers:

Lehani’s Eat Local Cafe
They make everything at their downtown location
They use local ingredients and fresh, organic produce
They make super yummy baked goods daily

Profile Picture

Seams To Last
They make most of the clothes they sell
They sell the fabric that they used to make the clothes
Other local artists make things there, such as hats
The store has clothes for mostly girls and babies
For girls, they have up to size ten
We think this store is really cute! I wish I could fit into some of their outfits…

Seams To Last - Port Townsend, WA

Sweet P.T.
This awesome store has lots of different kinds of candy
A slush puppy machine (Alana’s personal favorite)
They sell homemade fudge! It’s really yummy…
Both Karley and Alana love to go here when they are hanging out downtown!


Salon Delucca
This unique salon styles, colors, and cuts hair
They keep up on all the current trends, while still doing classics
The inside is very cute, we think!
We hope to save some money, and go there!!!

Clarity Enterprises

Clarity helps small businesses and non-profits keep track of their accounting.
Clarity also offers consulting, training, and workshops to help you get it right with the numbers, so you can do what you really want to do with your business.
Clarity helped Karley and I be successful with our business!

Clarity: helping you keep it all straight


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