If you want to buy our products, visit these locations below. If you are not in the area of Port Townsend, or you want to order other scents, just email us at info@chica-fresca.com Thanks to all of the stores carrying our products!

This really cool store carries picnic stuff such as cold drinks, day old bread, caramels and chocolates, and many more yummy things.
Sometimes they have samples!!! (I personally like when they sample their chocolate cake from Candace’s cookie company)
They sell trinkets like metal straws, buttons, bottle cappers, necklaces and earrings, some cool metal golf-club roasting forks by a local artist I know, and lots more.
Our favorite thing to get is the rose lemonade, or the honey stix.
So overall, this store is pretty awesome and has giftables, eatables, petables, and provisionables (I love that you can put ables at the end of everything!). Located in Port Townsend on 810 Water St.

getables – gourmet & gifts to go in port townsend

The Plaid Pepper
This cute store down in Quilcene has gifts, artwork, foods, and even a mini coffee shop! We love that their walls are our color!
Our favorite thing to get there is Italian sodas! We think that it is a really creative use of a small space too!
Be sure to check us out, and all their local crafts there soon!! Located in Quilcene on 294963 Hwy 101

Uptown Nutrition
This is an awesome store in uptown Port Townsend that sells all-natural everything from hair dye to mints and gum (Alana’s Favorite!).
Whenever we go in, both of us love to try out their natural make-up! For color, they use micas, just like us for our Natural line!
They are also very conscious about what they sell, and how it was made.
Be sure to check out this really cute store at 1002 Lawrence St, Port Townsend, Wa!!

Sea Salt Cottage
This really cute store in downtown Port Townsend has all kinds of bath and body products as well as yummy-smelling salts in bulk they make themselves!!
Upstairs, our friend Isabella (she is going into 8th grade with Alana) is setting up a shop that has cute clothes for girls our age!
When you are downtown, be sure to check out their store at 1007 Water St, Port Townsend, Wa!



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